About Me

Dr. Hale Cide Demir
Digital Impressionist
Doctor of New Age Organizations 

Who am I?

I am Dr. Hale Cide Demir. I briefly describe myself as a “Digital Impressionist”.

My dissertation is about “Organizational Behavior” and its topic is called “The Effects of Digitalization on Organizations and Leaders’ Impressions”.

There is a new future ahead of our world filled with 5G, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, robots, IoT, 3D, blockchain, hologram systems, and renewable energy.

As a Digital Impressionist, I am commenting on the changes required for this new future with an analysis and impressionist approach. I research “How to make organizational design and transformation with a futuristic mind to achieve sustainable success and progress?”, I share it in my graduate courses and continue researching and learning. At the same time, I continue my work, which I love, every day by experiencing the excitement of the first day and with the efficiency of continuous learning.

What Does a Digital Impressionist Mean?

This definition is based on two concepts: “impression” which is the important performance determinant that expresses the apparent effect of the digital world on the internet and “impressionism” which is an art movement.

Impressionism movement tries to convey what is depicted, not as they are in reality, but with an increased analysis by including the emotions and effects created by the impressions gained from them and interpret what is depicted. As a “Digital Impressionist”, I research “studies supported by increased analysis, focusing on the changes of leaders and organizations to adapt to the future” and share what I have learned and my thoughts on this blog.

Why is it Necessary?

Big transformations are taking place in the age we live in. With an accelerated movement, every factor of work and life is digitalized and has to be digitalized! This requires that every organization, without exception, should keep up with the changes, which take place at an exponential speed and frequency, in every field.

The conditions of the business and career world require more challenging moves than ever before! There is a need to learn together for understanding and managing the efficiency of the office and remote workers and the new hybrid organizational structures and for adapting to the new normal.  

We are going through a stage where advanced technology is at the very center of every area. Keeping up with the competition, surviving and succeeding: they will be possible with thinking of and designing original things, harmonizing with the future, and also with brand new and hybrid organizational designs that are different, bold, disruptive, extraordinary, and fully integrated with technology.

We, digital leaders, need to use common platforms very effectively to learn together and develop competencies together. I think that no person or organization has a minute to lose to create the necessary resources, to raise the competencies that the future wants, and to focus on the basic needs.

About Me 

After graduating from Istanbul University, Department of International Relations and Political Science, I gained experience in retail and finance sectors and I developed these experiences with a doctorate on “Management Organizational Behavior” at Marmara University.

While preparing my dissertation entitled “Digitalization and Organizational Impression Management”, I had a great “enlightenment” in all matters I worked on. I especially focused on digitalization, strategic management, digital leadership, and digital-organizational transformation. I started teaching “Digital Strategic Management” to MBA students at Kadir Has University to convey my experiences.

And besides my main job, my other activities are:

  • I am preparing my book “Digital Impressionist” for publication
  • I am working on “Equality at Work and Inclusion” projects, especially women’s empowerment
  • I am a founder member of Istanbul Blockchain Women
  • I am a digital art researcher
  • Beyond being a member of the Futurists Association, I am highly interested in works about the future
  • I am the mother of Ece and Duru – which is my most important job, effort, life purpose 😊