Dr. Hale Cide Demir
Digital Impressionist
Doctor of New Age Organizations

I am Dr. Hale Cide Demir. I briefly describe myself as a “Digital Impressionist”. With my newly opened blog, I want to explain to you the reasons for creating a new network connection and a development point.

What are the Facts of the Digital Age?

Big transformations are taking place in the age we live in. With an accelerated movement, every factor of work and life is digitalized and has to be digitalized! This requires that every organization, without exception, should keep up with the changes, which take place at an exponential speed and frequency, in every field. There is a new future ahead of our world with 5G, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, robots, IoT, 3D, blockchain, hologram systems, and renewable energy.

We are going through a stage where advanced technology is at the center of every area. However, as a doctor of organizational behavior, I see very clearly that processes and companies that are not human-oriented and disregard the power of networks are not likely to survive. Keeping up with the competition, surviving and succeeding: they will be possible with thinking of and designing original things, harmonizing with the future, and also with brand new and hybrid organizational designs that are different, bold, disruptive, extraordinary, and fully integrated with technology.

What can Leaders do?

To adapt, the conditions of the business and career world require more challenging moves than ever before. There is a need to learn together to understand and manage the efficiency of the office and remote workers, the widening gap between generations, gender inequality, and hybridized organizational structures and to adapt to the new normal. The use of the common mind to understand and utilize flexibility, speed, internalization of different technologies and network connections are the prominent facilitators in this field.

For all these preparations, we, digital leaders, need to use network connections and common platforms very effectively to develop learning together and developing competencies together. I think that no leader or organization has a minute to lose to understand the competencies that the future wants, to create the necessary resources to provide these competencies, to focus on basic needs, and to explain all these changes in a story.

How will the Digital Impressionist Approach help?

We, the leaders of the new age, should interpret the changes needed for the future with an analysis and impressionist approach. I am getting prepared for the uncertainty of the future by working hard and spending a lot of time on lectures, article contents, and successful examples about “How to make organizational design and transformation with the futuristic mind to achieve sustainable success and accelerating progress?”.

On this blog, I would like to share with you the new perspectives I have analyzed and use the common mind with your participation to develop. If you want to browse, my blog with my first articles is here.